Running a non-profit is difficult.

We understand this. Every day, you deal with multiple priorities and challenges. You may be contending with workforce reductions, increased competition for funding, and higher levels of donor scrutiny. You may find it difficult to engage your board in fundraising for your nonprofit. Your staff may lack the expertise to seize funding opportunities. You are consistently expected to do more, but with fewer financial and human resources.

You are faced with some tough decisions.

Fundraising is critical to a nonprofit’s survival, but you may have increasingly less time to devote to fundraising. Or you may be new in your role, and lack the expertise, experience or confidence to succeed with fundraising.  Or you may have an open fundraising leadership position, and feel rushed to hire quickly, rather than wait to find the ideal candidate.  Or perhaps your organization is unable to afford a permanent experienced fundraising hire.  You may often wish you could better engage your board in fundraising and governance.

Whatever the case, you deserve a custom solution to help sustain and grow your agency and achieve your mission.  We are available to find solutions to even your most enduring problems.


Finlay Consulting Services can help.

Finlay Consulting Services provides a variety of supportive and strategic planning services that will sustain your organization’s future. Our only goal is to build your capacity and abilities, identify areas of untapped potential, and work with you to formulate a thoughtful and feasible plan for sustained, incremental growth. We are also here to provide interim support, development outsourcing, and ongoing coaching as your organization and its resources evolve and grow.

Engagements are based on your needs.

Customized strategic nonprofit consulting services are provided as needed, on your terms. Areas of expertise include: 1) nonprofit fundraising and philanthropy consultation; 2) nonprofit board leadership, engagement and governance; 3) strategic planning; and 4) capacity building. 

CONTACT US to discuss your needs.

Organizations have unique challenges. Our engagements are based on your needs and budget constraints.  It all starts with a no-obligation conversation. We want to hear from you.  So, take a moment to explore our site to learn about WHO WE ARE, and then give us a call!